The Company

SRE - Engenharia e Construções Ltda is a 20-year old company seated in Brasília – DF, Brazil. We build and provide maintenance on public illuminations, and Christmas decorations. We have branches in Vitória and Serra in southeastern Brazil.

The company has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2007 by BVC – Bureau Veritas Certification.

We aimed at furnishing subsidies to our external clients, using high-end technology standards in order to provide high quality services in the public illumination field. We are constantly seeking new technologies and solutions to overcome challenges in Public Illumination.

Today we manage 148,000 lighting points across Brazil. Brasília is one of the biggest cities in number of public lights in the world. We ( provide services for our clients with due safety and technology to manage public lights and buildings for new light point and special projects, using the latest technologies.

Public lighting isn’t a succession of lighting points. It’s composed of an urban policy and embellishment for modern cities.


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Headquarters: SCIA Quadra 08 conjunto 16 lote 09, CEP 71.250-750 Brasília, DF, Brazil - Tel: 55 (61) 3363-8340 Rua Maria de Lourdes Garcia, 345, Ilha de Monte Belo, CEP 29.053-310, Vitória – ES, Brazil - Telefone: 55 (27) 3223-6688
QI 05 Lote 640 Setor Industrial Gama – DF, Brazil

Technical Worker

We have qualified engineers, technical workers, drivers and assistants. We have training programs to quality all the workers, for new technologies in lighting, maintenance, light decorations and safety work.


We have developed a software to manage public lights, GCIP – Gestão Completa de Iluminação Pública (Public Illumination Full Manegement),, which enables us to access the real situation in the lighting map, time to change the equipment or lamps, checking complaints, materials, deadline to solve complaints. We employ the latest advances in computerization for the operation and management of installations. The software (GCIP) is economically optimized for our clients which is vital to protect their investments, and at the same time, it provides transparency for our actions.
The most important tool is the registration of public lights, it is possible to check them on the map through geographic coordinates, then
resolving the problem and changing the equipment or lamp before they stop working.

Current Jobs

We do maintenance and build light systems in Brasília – DF, Vitória – ES and Serra – ES, Brazil. More than 99% of the lamps work nonstop. Distrito Federal Government - Brasília, Brazil

Brasilia - DF City Hall, Brazil

Since 2009

Public Lights Maintenance, with 67,140 lights, for CEB – Brasília – Distrito Federal, all included.


Vitória-ES City Hall, Brazil

Since 2007

Public Lights Maintenance, with 30,188 lights, for Vitória City Hall/Espírito Santo, all included.


Serra-ES City Hall, Brazil

Since 2008

Public Lights Maintenance, with 35,861 lights, for Serra City Hall/Espírito Santo, all included.


NASA - Brasilia, Brazil

ISS026-E-016368 (8 Jan. 2011) --- Brasilia, Brazil at night time is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 26 crew member on the International Space Station. Whether seen at night or during the day, the capital city of Brazil is unmistakable from orbit. Brasilia is located on a plateau (the Planalto Central) in the west-central part of the country, and is widely considered to be one of the best examples of 20th century urban planning in the world. One of its most distinctive design features-as seen from above-suggests a bird, butterfly, or airplane traveling along a northwest-southeast direction, and is made dramatically visible by city light patterns (center left, directly to the west of Lake Paranoa). Following the establishment of Brasilia in the early 1960s informal settlements began to form around the original planned city. Ceilandia, located to the west of Brasilia, was one such informal settlement. In 1970 the settlement was formalized by the government and is now a satellite city of Brasilia with its own distinct urban identity. The developed areas of Brasilia and its satellite cities are clearly outlined by street grid and highway light patterns at night in this photograph taken from the space station. The large unlit region to the northwest of the city is the Brasilia National Park (lower left); other dark regions to the south and southwest contain agricultural fields and expanses of Cerrado tropical savanna.